1967 Israeli-Occupied Territories

Jerusalem Municipal Boundaries 1947-2000

Metropolitan Jerusalem, 2000-the Old and the "new'' town planning area

Palestine Under the British Mandate 1923-1948 

The Old City 

The Old City and the holy/historical basin area 


Camp David July 2000 

Developments in Tulkarm and Jubara-Ar Ras Summer 2004 

Israel's "Convergence Plan" 

Israel's Disengagement Plan 

Israeli Proposal for the Palestinian State at Camp David 

Israeli Settlements and Palestinian Neighborhoods in East Jerusalem 

Jerusalem and the Corpus Separatum proposed in 1947 

Land ownership in Palestine, the UN Partition Plan, Depopulated Villages 

Oslo II 1995 

Peel Commission Partition Plan 1937 

The Allon Plan July 1967 

United Nations Partition Plan, Resolution 181 

Woodhead Partition Plan 1938 


The Barrier Wall 

Road Map For Settlement Access Roads 

Settlement Expansion on Both Sides of Wall 

Home Demolitions To Construct Wall 

The Wall Around the Jayyous Village 

- MISC. -

Arab East Jerusalem within "Greater'' Jerusalem 

Projected growth of Arab and Israeli Neighborhoods in East Jerusalem 

Palestinian and Israeli Neighborhoods in Metropolitan Jerusalem 2000 

Water Sources