Israel’s Atrocities against Palestinians in Gaza

November 13, 2023

⚠WARNING⚠ This video contains graphic images of Palestinians who Israel has killed or injured through its indiscriminate and ongoing bombing of Gaza. For over a month, Israel has been subjecting the entire population of Gaza—half of whom are children—to horrific collective punishment as it relentlessly bombs hospitals, schools, refugee camps, apartment buildings, restaurants, and more. Meanwhile, it has cut off all of Gaza’s water, electricity, food, and gas. In just weeks, Israel has killed over 11,000 Palestinians, including more than 4,600 children. It has destroyed nearly half of all homes in Gaza. Hundreds of thousands more are at risk of death via severe illness and starvation as Israel forces them to drink contaminated water, go without life-saving medical care, and live in terrifying and unsanitary conditions. Behind these numbers are real people and real communities suffering through the unimaginable. Imagine being the sole survivor of your entire family. Imagine witnessing your child get their leg amputated without anesthesia. Imagine trying to comfort your children as they starve while bombs fall all around them. The horror Israel is inflicting upon Palestinian families is backed and paid for by the US, using your tax dollars. Enough.

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