Beer, wine flow in West Bank Christian hamlet News Roundup
Tia Goldenberg, The Associated Press

Beer, wine flow in West Bank Christian hamlet

A tiny Christian enclave in the overwhelmingly Muslim West Bank has for years crafted the only Palestinian beer and brought thousands of visitors flocking to its annual beer fest. Now, it is adding wine to its list of libations, hoping a boutique winery will be another tourist draw and contribute to keeping the small village afloat.

about 3 weeks ago
Lameece Issaq Palestinian American Profiles

Lameece Issaq

In 2015, actor and writer Lameece Issaq will celebrate the five-year anniversary of Noor Theatre, the production company she co-founded that is dedicated to developing and supporting the work of Middle Eastern theater artists. Since its inception in 2010, Noor Theatre has been in residence at the renowned off-Broadway New York Theatre Workshop in Manhattan, and as Issaq looks back, she’s thrilled to find that what she’s doing is gaining traction.

about 3 weeks ago
Palestinian brewery puts Oktoberfest on ice News Roundup
Kate Shuttleworth, USA Today

Palestinian brewery puts Oktoberfest on ice

The Taybeh Brewery here in the heart of the Holy Land usually hosts an Oktoberfest celebration, but not this year. This is the first time master brewer Nadim Khoury and his family canceled their annual event, saying it's too soon after the 50-day war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza last summer. "The blood in Gaza still did not dry, so we felt we needed better times to celebrate," Khoury said.

on October 10, 2014
Olives, Lemons & Za’atar News Roundup
Rozanne Gold, Huffington Post

Olives, Lemons & Za’atar

Everything about Ms. Bishara's evocative new book made me want to run to the kitchen or get on a plane and wander in the Old City.

on June 15, 2014
An exquisite taste of Palestine, from far-away Brooklyn News Roundup
Vered Guttman, Haaretz

An exquisite taste of Palestine, from far-away Brooklyn

For Rawia Bishara, writing her first cookbook, "Olives, Lemons & Za'atar: the Best Middle Eastern Home Cooking" (Kyle Books, 2014), was about "honoring my mother and her recipes." Rawia, a Palestinian who grew up in Nazareth, moved to the United States when she got married, some 40 years ago.

on May 20, 2014
Ka’ek Festival in East Jerusalem Photo Essays

Ka’ek Festival in East Jerusalem

Named after the famous Jerusalem bread, the festival was started by the Palestinian community group Ayesha to celebrate and preserve Palestinian culture in the city.

on October 28, 2013
Hilda’s Malban News Roundup
Vivien Sansour, This Week in Palestine

Hilda’s Malban

White sheets covered with a brown spread of cooked grape juice hang every August off my Aunt Hilda's balcony. It takes her more than three days to create a delicacy that ignites the palate with the intense flavours of qraish (pine nuts), sesame, and the refreshing zest of Palestine's Dabuki grapes straight from her garden - all of which create the perfect fruit leather: malban.

on July 1, 2013
The Generous Wilderness of Yacoub al-Khayyat News Roundup
Riad Bahhur, This Week In Palestine

The Generous Wilderness of Yacoub al-Khayyat

"I noticed that the darkest part of the night is the moment just before the light begins to appear," says Yacoub al-Khayyat, standing in the middle of a meadow with a bouquet of wild plants, including spectacular thorns, delicate white and yellow flowers.

on July 1, 2013
A Dugout Dream Photo Essays

A Dugout Dream

Thirteen years ago, Ramzi Quiseyeh had a dream- when he was picnicking with his family on his land in Al Makhrour valley in Beit Jala he decided to turn his farm into a restaurant. But Ramzi's dream was interrupted last May when Israeli army jeeps and three bulldozers came at six in the morning and demolished the restaurant under the premise that its construction was illegal.

on April 25, 2013