Olives, Lemons & Za’atar Media Roundup
Rozanne Gold, Huffington Post

Olives, Lemons & Za’atar

Everything about Ms. Bishara's evocative new book made me want to run to the kitchen or get on a plane and wander in the Old City.

on June 15, 2014
An exquisite taste of Palestine, from far-away Brooklyn Media Roundup
Vered Guttman, Haaretz

An exquisite taste of Palestine, from far-away Brooklyn

For Rawia Bishara, writing her first cookbook, "Olives, Lemons & Za'atar: the Best Middle Eastern Home Cooking" (Kyle Books, 2014), was about "honoring my mother and her recipes." Rawia, a Palestinian who grew up in Nazareth, moved to the United States when she got married, some 40 years ago.

on May 20, 2014
Ka’ek Festival in East Jerusalem Photo Essays

Ka’ek Festival in East Jerusalem

Named after the famous Jerusalem bread, the festival was started by the Palestinian community group Ayesha to celebrate and preserve Palestinian culture in the city.

on October 28, 2013
Hilda’s Malban Media Roundup
Vivien Sansour, This Week in Palestine

Hilda’s Malban

White sheets covered with a brown spread of cooked grape juice hang every August off my Aunt Hilda's balcony. It takes her more than three days to create a delicacy that ignites the palate with the intense flavours of qraish (pine nuts), sesame, and the refreshing zest of Palestine's Dabuki grapes straight from her garden - all of which create the perfect fruit leather: malban.

on July 1, 2013
The culinary treasures of the Gaza Strip Media Roundup
Ehab Zahriyeh, NY Daily News

The culinary treasures of the Gaza Strip

A book on the Gaza Strip could brim with stories of war, a failed peace process and broken ceasefires, of naval blockades and homemade rockets. But not this one. "The Gaza Kitchen Cookbook: A Palestinian Culinary Journey" is unlike any other book on Gaza or, for that matter, any cookbook you have ever come across, taking readers inside the traditions and cultures of an ancient land while refusing to shy away from the region's painful past.

on March 15, 2013
Rawia Bishara: Chef and culinary artist Palestinian Americans

Rawia Bishara: Chef and culinary artist

Palestinian-American chef and proprietor of the Brooklyn-based restaurant Tanoreen, Rawia Bishara has received widespread acclaim for her Middle Eastern culinary creations from some of the most respected food critics and publications in New York City and beyond. Infused with the aroma of nine different spices imported regularly from her hometown of Nazareth, Tanoreen was chosen as New York Magazine's Critic's Pick.

on December 31, 2006
John Sabella: Agronomist and environmental expert Palestinian Americans

John Sabella: Agronomist and environmental expert

Agronomist and environmental consultant John Sabella is a visionary force within the sustainable agriculture movement. Sabella has worked worldwide to develop and teach farming systems that do not require harmful and expensive chemical inputs and that conserve soil and water quality to help improve food security. Sabella helps small farmers with limited resources seek their own solutions to their farming, environmental and social problems.

on December 31, 2006
Palestinian Cuisine Palestine 101

Palestinian Cuisine

Palestinian cuisine is similar to the cuisines of neighboring Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and to a lesser extent, Egypt, although it has its own distinctive dishes and variations on regional delicacies. There is also variation within Palestinian cuisine — between city and countryside, coast and interior, and northern and southern regions. Palestinian urban cuisine is more delicate and refined than village cooking, draws on a wider range of ingredients, and has been more directly influenced by the outside world.

on January 16, 2006