Farah Nabulsi: Filmmaker Palestinian Profiles
Linda Mamoun, IMEU

Farah Nabulsi: Filmmaker

Farah Nabulsi, the daughter of a Palestinian mother and Palestinian-Egyptian father, grew up on a quiet street in London. A banker for many years with JP Morgan and then the founder of a private business, Nabulsi decided to leave the business world after a trip to Palestine in 2013. The systematized oppression and humiliation of Israel’s military occupation was something Nabulsi didn’t understand on her trips to Palestine from London as a child.

about 2 weeks ago
Life Before the Expulsion in Palestine Videos

Life Before the Expulsion in Palestine

In honor of Nakba Remembrance day, this video commemorates life before the Nakba and shows the ongoing Nakba that is continuing presently. "We were there. We do exist." Today, 7 million+ Palestinians are denied their right to return by Israel.

about 2 weeks ago
Umm al-Hiran Testimonies

Umm al-Hiran

The people of Umm al-Hiran are Bedouins, Palestinian citizens of Israel. The new town of Hiran is meant to be a Jewish community. Long answer short, this man and his family face demolition and relocation because they are not Jewish.

on January 24, 2017
Book Release: The Parachute Paradox Literature
Neda Simaika, IMEU

Book Release: The Parachute Paradox

The Parachute Paradox, a new book from Palestinian author Steve Sabella, provides a unique insight into the individual pursuit of global citizenship through the author’s life story. Sabella begins in Jerusalem’s Old City, where he was born, and he quickly learns that only his unfettered imagination and bold spirit will enable him to see beyond his identity...

on December 21, 2016
Book Release: Balcony on the Moon Literature
Neda Simaika, IMEU

Book Release: Balcony on the Moon

Writing Balcony on the Moon allowed Barakat “to heal some of the hardships imposed” on her by her Palestinian identity while offering a poignant message on the importance of education for young women. “Freedom of education for all children, and opportunities for lifelong learning for all people are fundamental human needs not only for individuals, but also for humanity as a collective,” she says. “Educational empowerment for girls and women especially promise massive possibilities of positive change.”

on December 14, 2016
Battling Cancer with Spirit in Gaza Photo Essays
Lara Aburamadan, Jadaliyya

Battling Cancer with Spirit in Gaza

One year ago, my mother came to my house for a visit. She was late. We sat together on a mattress. She opened her cigarette pack, took out two cigarettes, and we smoked together. It was hot that day. She told me that she just returned from the doctor.

on November 29, 2016
Human Rights Defender Issa Amro on Trial Videos

Human Rights Defender Issa Amro on Trial

In recent months, Israel has stepped up its targeting of Palestinian human rights defenders. One of those targets is Issa Amro, known for his engagement in non-violent activism and civil disobedience.

on September 19, 2016
Kirresh Family Eviction Videos

Kirresh Family Eviction

Today, the Israeli Police forcibly evicted the Kirresh family, a family of eight including two children, from their home in the Old City of Occupied East Jerusalem, and transferred the property to an Israeli settler organization. The Kirresh family has been living on this property since the 1930s.

on September 15, 2016
Three U.S. Citizens Denied Entry by Israel Speak Out Videos

Three U.S. Citizens Denied Entry by Israel Speak Out

Last month, five U.S. citizens were interrogated and detained by Israeli border control before being deported and banned without clear explanation. Israel routinely racially profiles visitors arriving at the borders they control, which include the occupied Palestinian territories.

on August 31, 2016