Israel’s War on Palestinian Children

December 12, 2023

Israel is waging a war on Palestinian children in Gaza. In the last two months, Israel has killed more than 7,870 children and injured about double that. The UN Secretary-General said earlier this month that Gaza is “becoming a graveyard for children.”


The children who Israel kills get crushed under the rubble. The ones Israel injures don’t have access to adequate healthcare because of Israel’s bombing and tightened siege, with some suffering extreme injuries. They lose limbs, suffer serious burns, and face extreme bleeding.


Because Israel won’t allow adequate medical supplies into Gaza, doctors are giving kids life-saving care — including limb amputations and burn care — without anesthesia or enough pain meds. 


The rest of Gaza’s children don’t have enough food or water because of Israel’s siege and are at risk of dying slowly from starvation and dehydration.


There is no excuse on earth for Israel to kill, terrorize, maim, and traumatize an entire generation of children.