Gaza Artist Majdal Nateel: “The Impact of Light & Glass”

January 01, 2013 Jehad Saftawi, IMEU

An art exhibition featuring the work of Gaza City artist Majdal Nateel was recently held in Gaza. The idea for the collection of artwork, The Impact of Light and Glass, Nateel explains, “is based on the question of what would happen if we examined our social habits under a magnifying glass.”

Nateel’s art was first publicly displayed in 2009 when she took part in an art exhibition and benefit in honor of those killed in the 2008-2009 Israeli war waged on Gaza (Operation Cast Lead). She joined several other group exhibitions following that but her first exclusive showing, called “The Memory’s Salt,” was in 2011.

"Certainly, the circumstances in Gaza influence me," Nateel shares her thoughts on how living in the besieged Gaza Strip affects her work. "The life of an artist in Gaza is the same as the life of any person in Gaza, repressed by daily obstacles such as the lack of electricity, the difficulties of getting a job, and other political problems."

When asked about the message she wishes to convey through her art, she replies, “With each work, new ideas come to mind but I always remember the famous Palestinian Mahmoud Darwish’s poem On This Land.”

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