Palestinian Fashion Week kicks off in Ramallah Media Roundup
JC Finley, United Press International

Palestinian Fashion Week kicks off in Ramallah

The second annual Palestinian Fashion Week kicked off Thursday in the West Bank city of Ramallah. The three-day event, which is organized by Palestinian lifestyle magazine Layalina and Modelicious Agency, was started in 2013. Tamer Halabi, Modelicious general manager, explained "Every country has a fashion week and we thought we can have a fashion week of our own, instead of smaller fashion shows here or there."

on May 5, 2014
Art Exhibit: “The Impact of Light & Glass” Photo Essays
Jehad Saftawi, IMEU

Art Exhibit: “The Impact of Light & Glass”

An art exhibition featuring the work of Gaza City artist Majdal Nateel was recently held in Gaza. The idea for the collection of artwork, The Impact of Light and Glass, Nateel explains, “is based on the question of what would happen if we examined our social habits under a magnifying glass.”

on March 26, 2014
Naji Odeh: Mentor and Community Leader Stories

Naji Odeh: Mentor and Community Leader

Director of the grassroots organization the Palestinian Youth Action Center (Laylac), mentor and community leader Naji Odeh works with young people in West Bank refugee camps to foster the spirit of volunteerism. “If we lose our spirit for giving, we lose our culture,” he says.

on May 24, 2012
Elena Farsakh: Photographer Palestinian Americans

Elena Farsakh: Photographer

Palestinian-American photographer Elena Farsakh believes that "90 percent of all communication has nothing to do with words." Through her lens, she strives to give insight into the daily conditions and emotions of people in faraway and sometimes misunderstood places.

on December 31, 2006
Nathalie Handal: Poet and playwright Palestinian Americans

Nathalie Handal: Poet and playwright

Along with being an award-winning poet, Palestinian-American Nathalie Handal is a playwright, writer, editor, literary critic and teacher - and loves all of it. "I'm passionate about everything," she says, "otherwise, why do it?"

on December 31, 2006
Annemarie Jacir: Artist and filmmaker Palestinian Americans

Annemarie Jacir: Artist and filmmaker

Palestinian-American filmmaker Annemarie Jacir directed the first Palestinian short film, like twenty impossibles, that became an official Competition selection at Cannes International Film Festival. It subsequently won 13 awards at festivals around the world. Jacir is a recipient of the Zaki Gordan Award for Excellence in Screenwriting and was selected for the Sundance Screenwriter's Lab.

on December 31, 2006
Emily Jacir: Artist Palestinian Americans

Emily Jacir: Artist

Leading Palestinian-American artist Emily Jacir says, "When I was growing up, art was the one place where I could speak." Jacir's complex and creative engagement of serious issues has been met with much acclaim. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout the world since 1994, including at the Whitney Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

on December 31, 2006
Kanaan Kanaan: Artist and mentor Palestinian Americans

Kanaan Kanaan: Artist and mentor

Palestinian-American artist Kanaan Kanaan is a skilled painter and graphic designer who incorporates the two art forms to create the vivid, colorful tiles for which he has become known. Kanaan has showcased his work in 43 exhibitions and festivals nationally and internationally. His latest work, "Isholnak?" is a colorful piece which translates as "What's your color?"

on December 31, 2006
Rami Kashou: Fashion designer and entrepreneur Palestinian Americans

Rami Kashou: Fashion designer and entrepreneur

Up-and-coming fashion designer Rami Kashou was a finalist on Bravo's hit show Project Runway and his dresses have draped Hollywood celebrities Penelope Cruz, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba among other starlets. Kashou's work has been featured in tens of magazines including Elle, Vogue, In Style, The New York Times Magazine, and Flaunt.

on December 31, 2006