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Gaza: Can You Imagine? Videos

Gaza: Can You Imagine?

Israeli bombs. Israeli drones. Israeli-imposed power cuts. And no way to leave. Everyday life in Gaza is shaped by Israeli policy, which has turned the coastal enclave into a maximum security prison where the inmates are fathers, mothers and children whose only crime is being born in Gaza.

on July 19, 2017
#Marking50 Series: Eman Videos

#Marking50 Series: Eman

“We will never stop fighting for Palestine, because Palestine is everything.” Eman Abdelhadi still remembers her childhood nightmares of Israeli soldiers executing her — nightmares that surfaced after watching footage of the Second Intifada. It was the first indication that her life as a Palestinian was seen as disposable.

on June 24, 2017
Israel’s Mass Incarceration of Palestinians Fact Sheets

Israel’s Mass Incarceration of Palestinians

Since occupying the Palestinian West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza during the June 1967 war, Israel has imprisoned nearly a million Palestinians, including nonviolent human rights activists, in an attempt to crush any resistance to its military rule and theft of Palestinian land for its illegal settlement enterprise.

on June 7, 2017
Teacher With Down Syndrome Breaks Stereotypes for Gaza’s Mentally Disabled Students
Mohammed Asad, Mondoweiss

Teacher With Down Syndrome Breaks Stereotypes for Gaza’s Mentally Disabled Students

Hiba Anis Mustafa Shurafa guides students in her Gaza classroom, instructing them on the art of how to hold a pen and keep a steady hand when writing out letters. She understands the task is challenging because, like her students, Shurafa has Down syndrome.

on November 30, 2016
By the Numbers: Refugees in Gaza Videos

By the Numbers: Refugees in Gaza

70% of Palestinians living in Gaza are refugees due to Israeli policies of mass expulsion. As they face debilitating conditions under Israeli occupation and siege, Israel denies them their internationally recognized right to return to their homes and land.

on November 4, 2016
The Dolls That Defend Palestinian Culture
Dalia Hatuqa, Al Jazeera

The Dolls That Defend Palestinian Culture

Ramallah, occupied West Bank - In the dead of a cold December night, Israeli soldiers came for Yasser. They rummaged through the shelves and behind the looms of a darkened factory, searching for the little man, only half a metre tall. They knew he would be easy to spot, wearing his signature black-and-white keffiyeh...

on September 15, 2016
Israeli Government Projects ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ on Palestinians
Jonathan Ofir, Mondoweiss

Israeli Government Projects ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ on Palestinians

On his official Facebook page yesterday, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu posted a speech in English. The concept here is so novel, that the text merits full presentation: “I’m sure many of you have heard the claim that Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, the West Bank, are an obstacle to peace..."

on September 14, 2016
One Broken Camera Photo Essays
Daniel, EAPPI

One Broken Camera

Shuhada kindergarten may be one of the most vulnerable schools in Hebron. The school sits halfway to the crest of Tel Rumeda, the oldest site in Hebron, Palestine, where pottery shards dating to 3,500 BC have been found. Just fifty meters behind the school lies a community of Israeli settlers who employ harassment and violence to pry from the hands of Palestinian owners as many homes...

on July 11, 2016
2014 Gaza Massacre Aftermath Videos

2014 Gaza Massacre Aftermath

Two years ago today, Israel launched an assault on the Gaza Strip that would claim 2,251 Palestinian lives in under three weeks. Palestinians in Gaza are still living with the disastrous aftermath today.

on July 7, 2016