Chicago Palestinian Series: Palestinian-American Chef Abeer Najjar Palestinian-American Profiles
Director Colette Ghunim, Producer Miasarah Lai

Chicago Palestinian Series: Palestinian-American Chef Abeer Najjar

Chicago-based Palestinian-American chef Abeer Najjar creates fusion dishes inspired by her Palestinian upbringing, using food to keep her heritage alive. “Our narrative as Palestinians is being erased.”

on June 21, 2018
Quick Facts: Jerusalem Fact Sheets

Quick Facts: Jerusalem

Since Israel’s establishment in 1948, the United Nations and international community have not recognized the sovereignty of any country to any part of Jerusalem in the absence of a permanent peace agreement in the region.

on May 4, 2018
Ahed Tamimi: A Teen in Search of Freedom Videos

Ahed Tamimi: A Teen in Search of Freedom

16-year-old Palestinian Ahed Tamimi hasn’t seen a day of freedom. She's spent her youth protesting a foreign army that has jailed, shot, and killed her unarmed relatives. After defending her home from Israeli invasion, she now faces years in prison. Imagine if this was your reality.

on January 17, 2018
Reem’s California Videos

Reem’s California

A Palestinian-owned bakery with a social justice edge. Loved by the community and widely celebrated. Attacked by Breitbart and right-wing Israel supporters. Reem's California is standing strong to provide locally-sourced food that brings freedom seekers of all stripes together.

on November 24, 2017
Expert Q&A re Latest Palestinian National Unity Efforts Q&As

Expert Q&A re Latest Palestinian National Unity Efforts

Political analyst Diana Buttu weighs in on the national unity talks between the Fatah party of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas.

on October 9, 2017
Expert Q&A: On the Current Crisis in Jerusalem Q&As

Expert Q&A: On the Current Crisis in Jerusalem

Political analyst Diana Buttu provides insight on the ongoing protests by Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem provoked by increased restrictions imposed on Muslims who want to worship at the Noble Sanctuary mosque complex, the third holiest site in Islam, by Israel's occupying army.

on July 27, 2017
Gaza: Can You Imagine? Videos

Gaza: Can You Imagine?

Israeli bombs. Israeli drones. Israeli-imposed power cuts. And no way to leave. Everyday life in Gaza is shaped by Israeli policy, which has turned the coastal enclave into a maximum security prison where the inmates are fathers, mothers and children whose only crime is being born in Gaza.

on July 19, 2017
#Marking50 Series: Manal Videos

#Marking50 Series: Manal

“I am Palestinian and I’m going to stay Palestinian forever. It doesn’t matter where I live or what passport I carry.” Displaced by Israel during the Naksa in 1967, Manal grew up as a refugee in Jordan. Today, Manal lives in Brooklyn and remains active on Palestinian, undocumented, Muslim, and Arab women's rights locally.

on June 26, 2017
#Marking50 Series: Eman Videos

#Marking50 Series: Eman

“We will never stop fighting for Palestine, because Palestine is everything.” Eman Abdelhadi still remembers her childhood nightmares of Israeli soldiers executing her — nightmares that surfaced after watching footage of the Second Intifada. It was the first indication that her life as a Palestinian was seen as disposable.

on June 24, 2017