#Marking50 Series: Manal Videos

#Marking50 Series: Manal

“I am Palestinian and I’m going to stay Palestinian forever. It doesn’t matter where I live or what passport I carry.” Displaced by Israel during the Naksa in 1967, Manal grew up as a refugee in Jordan. Today, Manal lives in Brooklyn and remains active on Palestinian, undocumented, Muslim, and Arab women's rights locally.

on June 26, 2017
#Marking50 Series: Eman Videos

#Marking50 Series: Eman

“We will never stop fighting for Palestine, because Palestine is everything.” Eman Abdelhadi still remembers her childhood nightmares of Israeli soldiers executing her — nightmares that surfaced after watching footage of the Second Intifada. It was the first indication that her life as a Palestinian was seen as disposable.

on June 24, 2017
The Crisis in Gaza Fact Sheets

The Crisis in Gaza

The immediate cause of the current crisis in Gaza is the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority’s efforts to pressure its rival Hamas and to curry favor with the Trump administration. However, the appalling conditions that the nearly 2 million Palestinians in Gaza are forced to endure are ultimately the result of 50 years of Israeli military rule over the tiny coastal enclave and a cruel and illegal siege and naval blockade.

on June 19, 2017
50 Years of Israeli Military Rule, 70 Years of Palestinian Dispossession Fact Sheets

50 Years of Israeli Military Rule, 70 Years of Palestinian Dispossession

The policies of discrimination and displacement that Israel has implemented against Palestinians in the lands it has military occupied since the 1967 war are part of a larger program of dispossession of Palestinians dating to Israel’s establishment in 1948 and encompassing Palestinians citizens of Israel as well.

on June 8, 2017
Israel’s Mass Incarceration of Palestinians Fact Sheets

Israel’s Mass Incarceration of Palestinians

Since occupying the Palestinian West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza during the June 1967 war, Israel has imprisoned nearly a million Palestinians, including nonviolent human rights activists, in an attempt to crush any resistance to its military rule and theft of Palestinian land for its illegal settlement enterprise.

on June 7, 2017
50 Years - Occupation Timeline Videos

50 Years - Occupation Timeline

The moon landing, the fall of the Berlin Wall, Beyonce, fidget spinners. A lot has happened during 5 decades of occupation in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. While the world has changed, so much has stayed the same for Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

on June 7, 2017
Israeli Restrictions on Palestinian Movement Fact Sheets

Israeli Restrictions on Palestinian Movement

Using a variety of methods, Israel imposes severe restrictions on Palestinian movement within and to and from the occupied territories. These policies cause serious hardships for millions of Palestinians, preventing them from getting to work, school, accessing medical care, visiting family and friends, and severely hampers the Palestinian economy.

on June 6, 2017
#Marking50 Series: Ibrahim Videos

#Marking50 Series: Ibrahim

“It was the worst scene ever when we were pushed out [by Zionist forces]. Only God knows how much I cried.” A Nakba survivor, 86-year-old Ibrahim lived through displacement in 1948 and has endured 50 years of Israeli occupation.

on June 6, 2017
Israel’s Theft & Destruction of Palestinian Land & Homes Fact Sheets

Israel’s Theft & Destruction of Palestinian Land & Homes

As Israel’s military rule over Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza marks 50 years this week, the IMEU offers the following quick facts on Israel’s theft and destruction of Palestinian land and homes.

on June 5, 2017